Today’s emphasis on food production and safety has resulted in increased scrutiny on manufacturing and processing facilities. This has created a stronger demand for effective pest control through inspections by regulatory agencies and third-party auditors. Not to worry—ContraPest® was designed with agribusiness at heart.

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What’s the problem?

Rodents continuously challenge the agribusiness industry. They’re a threat to productivity, animal health, operational success and financial stability. To make matters even more complicated, a higher social awareness of infectious disease transmissions has caused an increase in demands for biosecurity programs.

The solution: ContraPest

Facilities in the agribusiness industry are at the very heart of ContraPest. Our product was developed to help businesses like food facilities reduce the risks of rodent infestations, meet public demand for safety and find sustainable success. 

Read how 2 poultry farms reined in rampant rat reproduction and saw the savings roll in.

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The many hats of Agribusiness


Our formula helps agricultural operations improve livestock productivity, reducing damage to infrastructure and loss of stored products.

Food and grain storage

Fertility rodent control supports food storage operations by protecting the integrity of food products and reducing damage and loss caused by rodents.

Food processing

Our innovative rodent control product is designed to help food processing facilities keep their products safe and suitable for sale and consumption.

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