Commercial Facilities

Commercial facilities

When commercial buildings are at the core of your business, nothing is more essential than effectively managing rodent control within the structure itself. Since your business can take many forms (in both size, shape, staff and more), developing and deploying a pest control program is no simple task. Luckily, no building or infestation is out of ContraPest’s® reach.  

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What’s the problem?

Commercial buildings have a wide array of functions, from hotels and hospitality to office buildings and schools. When rodent populations appear, they often pose an immediate threat to the well-being of consumers and their perceptions of the business. As an owner of a commercial property, the immediate success of your operation could rest on your integrated pest management program at any moment.

The solution: ContraPest

Our product was carefully developed to reduce rodent populations for long term success, making it a perfect addition to a fast-acting integrated pest management (IPM) program. ContraPest was designed to minimize the rebound effect of infestations, making it ideal for a business that consistently aims for a pristine appearance.

It’s business time

National retail

Our product helps national retail reduce damage and loss to buildings and stored products by minimizing product contamination with a long-term solution.

 Property management

Targeting increased rodent activity in buildings that require regular maintenance with ContraPest addresses the root cause of rodent infestations in an effective, reliable manner.

ContraPest commercial starter kits

Add fertility control to your IPM program with one of our commercially crafted starter kits. For questions on how much product you’ll need or which kit to purchase, our SenesTech Team is always happy to help.

If you have any questions or need help, contact our SenesTech Team at 866-886-RATS