How ContraPest® works

Age-old problem, meet modern solution.

The Challenge: Reproduction

Your Solution: Fertility Control

Reduce rat populations and keep them in control with ContraPest.

While there are many rodent control tools designed to bring rat populations down quickly, without fertility control, those that survive can reproduce and rebound the population back to its initial size or larger within 3 to 6 months.

ContraPest is the answer!

Integrating this revolutionary fertility control solution can help maintain control of infestations and reduce the rebound effect.

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The ContraPest process
  • Rodents repeatedly consume ContraPest because of its fatty, sweet formula, reducing their fertility over time.
  • Rodent populations decrease as rats consume ContraPest, minimizing the rebound effect.
  • As populations decrease over time, less ContraPest is required, which leads to higher efficiency and happier people!