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Take control of your home and regain peace of mind by deploying ContraPest to dramatically shrink rodent populations and infestations. Thanks to its non-lethal, low-concentrate active ingredient formula, ContraPest is an excellent pest control method that minimizes exposure threats to non-target animals, pets and children.

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Agribusiness, commercial buildings, zoos/animal sanctuaries, municipalities—whatever your business entails, we’re here for you. ContraPest is the optimal choice to reach peak efficiency without compromising on things like food safety, non- target animal exposure and resource management.

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Deploying ContraPest is quick and easy, but we’re here to make sure you have nothing but success with our product. Contact us today to see if the SenesTech Technical Team can help with your deployment.

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As a PMP, the ability to offer innovative, effective services is paramount to your success. Adding ContraPest® to your toolkit allows you to provide your customers with a truly complete integrated pest management program that minimizes rodent populations and potential rebounds.

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