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As a PMP, the ability to offer new, innovative and effective services is paramount to your success. Adding ContraPest® to your toolkit allows you to provide your customers with a truly complete integrated pest management program that minimizes rodent populations and potential rebounds.

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Novice Kit

Get 2 free bait stations

6-month supply for 2 deployments

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Expert Kit

Get 4 free bait stations

6 month supply for 4 deployments

Total Price: $768.00  $867.00

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Pro Kit

Get 6 free bait stations

8 month supply for 6 deployments

Total Price: $1,536.00  $1,684.50

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How it works

Deploying ContraPest and maintaining your bait stations is simple, but if you’re curious before you buy, we have a series of videos to learn everything about our revolutionary product—what to buy, why it works, how to set up a bait station and even how to replace tanks!

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“ContraPest has been used exclusively in some of our residential accounts including HOA’s where humane methods of rat management are requested or where there is a concern of secondary poisoning to non-target animals. The results have been significant, to the point where no rats have been observed in several of these locations. This product is sustainable and a viable alternative to poisons, and our field work confirms that the reduction in offspring is noticeable and impressive.” - Mick F, Avant-Garde Pest Management


“I would use this on every account that has rats. Why would you want them to continue to populate while you are trying to solve a problem? It should be your first choice in any sensitive account with pets, children or public use. The key is, you don’t even have to use rodenticides. With this, you can get them off the rebound and you have many other choices for knocking down the population.” – Terry H, Missouri Pest Consultants


“Implementing ContraPest not only helped us increase our efficiency, but our client was so pleased with the results, the next month they gave us another 1,000 units!” – Carmen R, President of Anchor Pest Control