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Are you ready to manage your home with DIY rodent control? ContraPest is birth control for rodents, which means it stifles the rate that infestations repopulate and rebound.

ContraPest is great for homes because:

  • Its non-lethal formula minimizes exposure risk to pets and children
  • Its low concentration of active ingredients lightens environmental impact
  • The tamper-resistant bait stations and tanks are easy to deploy
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A Matter Of Time

ContraPest may take several months before you observe a decrease in the overall population. To keep rat populations from returning, we recommend signing up for our monthly ContraPest subscription service, which offers a 5% discount on monthly product purchases.

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How it works

Deploying ContraPest and maintaining your bait stations is simple, but if you’re curious before you buy, we have a series of videos to learn everything about our revolutionary product—what to buy, why it works, how to set up a bait station and even how to replace tanks!

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“We had a rat population living under our building. Small community at first, but they kept multiplying!  We used ContraPest as a non-poisonous humane way to control the population, and allow them naturally disappear. ContraPest was amazing!  It started working in the first few weeks; No more new babies!  The rat community began to shrink, and eventually, we saw no more rats. I highly recommend this product!” -Beth P, Residential Homeowner


“After using ContraPest, I observed a quick decrease in the rat population on-site. Six months later, still no sightings. I feel confident using ContraPest because it’s safe. I’m very happy about the security of the bait stations.” – Tonya S, Resident Homeowner


"This is an amazing product. It really works. And does so humanely without harm to the rest of the environment." -Melanie H, Residential Homeowner


“I think this is an excellent product! “– Shelby