Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about ContraPest from our customers. If your question isn’t here, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!

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What are the active ingredients in ContraPest?


The active ingredients in ContraPest are:

• 4-Vinylcyclohexene diepoxide (0.09604%)

• Triptolide (0.00118%)

How quickly does ContraPest work and for how long?


ContraPest provides a cumulative effect, thus the more a rat consumes, the greater the result. However, it may take several months before a significant decrease in population size is noticeable. ContraPest is a contraceptive, not a sterilant, so a continuous supply maintains reduced populations.

Where can ContraPest be used?


ContraPest can be used in a variety of settings. Please read and follow label instructions for deployment.

ContraPest is registered for indoor, non-food use and within 1 foot around external perimeters of man-made structures.

Do not place bait stations where they are likely to become submerged or inundated with water or on an uneven surface. To avoid damage to the bait station, do not use bait stations in areas open to hoofed livestock or potentially destructive wildlife.

When should I change the bait and how often does the bait station need to be serviced?


Please read and follow label instructions for ContraPest. ContraPest must be replaced every 30 days. If tanks are empty, replace tanks prior to 30 days.

For optimal convenience, subscribe to ContraPest for a monthly delivery of product straight to your door.

What is the shelf life of ContraPest?


In the initial submission for EPA registration, the shelf life component was waived/deferred with the understanding that this information would be provided at a later date. However, we are currently working on providing the EPA with data and documentation to calculate shelf life as part of our continuous label improvement efforts.

Is ContraPest a restricted use product?


ContraPest® is registered with the US EPA as a General Use Product when used as directed. However, ContraPest continues to be a Restricted Use Product (RUP) in New York and Connecticut. ContraPest is General Use in California but continues to follow and observe the Healthy Schools Act and restrict the use of our product around school sites as identified in this regulation. Please always read and follow all label instructions for target species of Norway and roof rats.

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Avant-Garde Pest Management, Inc | 7014 E Camelback Rd Ste B100A , Scottsdale 85251 | Mick Fetty | 480-970-3601 |

Azex Pest Solutions | Phoenix Metropolitan area and Prescott | 602-535-2151 |

Pestmaster Services | Tucson, AZ |  520-591-4527

Pestmaster Services | Phoenix, AZ

ProBest Pest Management | Greater Phoenix Valley Area, AZ | Keith “Dr.Bug” Birkemeyer | 480-831-9328


California Pest Management | La Verne, CA 91750 | 909-599-0125

Monterey Bay Pest Control | 1997 Del Monte Blvd., Seaside, CA 93955 | 831-394-7378

Pestmaster Services | Imperial Valley | 760-355-1111

Pestmaster Services | Palo Alto | 800-525-8866

Pestmaster Services | San Diego North | 888-384-7134

Presto Pest Control, Inc | San Jose, CA | Jim Rossi | 408-966-8600

SOS Pest Control | 214 Cristich Lane Campbell, CA | 408-866-6609


Nvirotect Pest Control | 813-968-7031


Able Termite & Pest Control  | 1871 S. King St, Ste2, Honolulu, HI |  John Able | 808-836-9707

Absolute Termite & Pest Control Hawaii, LLC  | 2023 Roundtop Dr, Honolulu, HI | Justin Duny | 808-260-7889


Wendy Berry | 603-781-8715


Critter Control | Cape Cod | 508-760-0404

Ecologic Entomology | Boston | 617-291-0087

Greenhow Pest Control | Boston | 617-964-4733

Home and Business Pest Control | 29 Pinehurst Ave., Auburn 01501 | Nate Curran | 508-656-7947

S & M Pest Services | 401-516-2549


Missouri Pest Consultants | P.O. Box 252, Imperial, MO | Terry Hoselton | 314-210-6997


EnviroMAXX Pest Control | 353 Templeton Drive Henderson, NV 89074 | JoEllen Hannom & Russell Cameron | 702-747-7378

Pestmaster Services | Las Vegas | 800-525-8866

Pestmaster Services | Reno – Corporate Headquarters | 775-858-PEST


Wendy Berry | 603-781-8715


Pestmaster Services | Upstate New York | 716-673-5265

Standard Pest Management | New York, NY (Queens) | Josh Bloom | 718-728-4040


Precision Predator | Upstate North Carolina | 864-871-2688


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Precision Predator | 864-871-2688

Williams Wildlife Removal | 6229 Willcap Road Wadmalaw Island, SC  29487 | Leigh Anne Williams | 843-906-7760


Wendy Berry | 603-781-8715


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