How safe is ContraPest®?

Family, pets, employees, tenants, non-target animals; safety is our number one priority.


Before deploying ContraPest, or any rodent control product, take care to read and follow all the components of the label.

When using ContraPest, you are responsible for ensuring the products are used and stored according to label instructions, including all safety precautions. The ContraPest label requires the use of a bait station in its deployment. Whether you’re in a residential environment, business or otherwise, always store and use ContraPest out of reach of children and non-target animals.


The concentration of active ingredients in ContraPest is formulated specifically for rodents.

Our liquid product is delivered inside a tamper-resistant bait station that prohibits access to non-target species. Additionally, ContraPest’s active ingredients are low concentrations specifically formulated for rodents—incidental consumption by non-target animals poses a low risk.


The active ingredients in ContraPest break down to inactive compounds within 15 minutes of consumption and are excreted by rodents.

Due to low concentrations of these ingredients, as well as their short half-lives, there is minimal risk to non-target animals that may prey upon rodents who have consumed ContraPest. The active ingredients also break down when exposed to water and soil, resulting in no bioaccumulation or biomagnification in the environment.

If you have any questions or need help, contact our SenesTech Team at 866-886-RATS