Safe Rat Sex
Keep your city safe
from vulgar vermin.
Clean it up with ContraPest®, the first and only EPA-approved rat contraceptive.
Rats are promiscuous.
Two of those vulgar vermin could grow to 15,000 rats in a year. That’s an infestation no one wants to face. Especially when they can overrun city sewers and streets and send people screaming. ContraPest works by controlling the population at conception. It’s the first and only EPA-approved rat contraceptive. Once deployed, your furry foes can get it on without getting out of control.

So good it might be love at first sight.

Rats are easy and so is shopping for ContraPest.

Simple to set up, non-lethal, and environmentally responsible—how could you say no?

Fatty and delicious, it’s a "milkshake" rats can’t get enough of.

Specially formulated for the size and biology of rats and deployed in child- and pet-resistant devices, ContraPest poses minimal risk to non-target and predatory species (when used as directed).

Added to an integrated pest management system, it controls the population at conception.