When animals are an integral part of your business, pest management requires a delicate balance—the health and welfare of the animals in your care is paramount to the success of your livelihood. At SenesTech, our mission has always included an advocacy for environmental stewardship, which includes the safety and well-being of all animals.

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What’s the problem?

Secondary exposure from poisons has become an increasing concern with non-target animals, especially in environments where other animals or wildlife reside. When a rodent infestation presents itself at a zoo or animal sanctuary, developing an integrated pest management program (IPM) that is both safe and effective is a challenging and expensive task.

The solution: ContraPest®

Our liquid fertility control product for rodents is ideal for addressing the intrinsic concerns of zoos and animal sanctuaries with infestations. With low concentrations of active ingredients with short half-lives, ContraPest poses minimal risk to non-target and predatory animals and is a crucial part of a comprehensive IPM.

Addressing the animal kingdom


ContraPest provides zoos with an innovative, effective rodent control tool that reduces populations while minimizing risks to non-target animals.

Animal sanctuaries

ContraPest helps animal sanctuaries protect their animals and food supplies by reducing losses and damages caused by rodents while minimizing secondary exposure to non-target species.

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