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Evolve Soft Bait for Rats - 12 Lb.

Evolve Soft Bait for Rats - 12 Lb.

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Evolve™ is a highly-palatable patent-pending soft bait contraceptive for rats.

The active ingredient is cottonseed oil, which interferes with the reproductive mechanisms in both male and female rats. As a FIFRA Section 25(b) exempt minimum risk pesticide it poses little or no risk to human health or the environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Effective Fertility Control.  The active ingredient in Evolve™ soft bait is proven to effectively reduce or eliminate fertility in rats, which reduces their population.
  • Long-Term Solution.  Affects the population beginning after one to two breeding cycles (four to six weeks), resulting in reduced pregnancies and less pups born.
  • User-Friendly Format.  The soft bait format is designed to be familiar and convenient for professionals and consumers alike to deploy.
  • Highly Palatable  The contraceptive bait is attractive and palatable to rats and lacks negative side effects that cause rats to become bait averse; rats continue to consume it, bringing greater results.
  • Addresses Infestation Source.  Designed to address pest infestations at the source, by reducing the birth rate.
  • Integrates with Pest Management Programs.  Works in tandem with traditional rodent control products to provide long-term solutions.

Part of a Complete IPM Strategy

Rodenticides (a.k.a. "poison") can reduce a population fast, but the remaining survivors soon repopulate. This is because rats have a short reproductive cycle and large litters with many pups. Evolve compliments other rodent control tactics for a better outcome. 

Fertility control prevents rats from increasing their numbers for long-term success. Including Evolve as part of an complete Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy helps avoid the frustration that comes from spending time, money, and effort to reduce a rat population, only to have it bounce right back.

Targeting The Survivors

Rodenticides tend to become less effective over time due to learned aversion, genetic resistance, and/or increased tolerance. The rats that survive in a population are typically the ones that won’t eat rodenticides, or have learned to outsmart traps.

Evolve is a contraceptive bait without the side effects that can lead to bait aversion. Surviving rats will continue to eat Evolve. And the more they eat, the better the result for you.

Evolve proactively addresses the source of a rat infestation, working in tandem with other rodent control tactics, targeting the survivors.