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Isolate Bait System with ContraPest Refill Kit

Isolate Bait System with ContraPest Refill Kit

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This refill kit can be used with either the ContraPest Bait Station, or Protecta EVO Express® bait stations.

  • 1-Month supply of ContraPest, 8 fl. oz. (1 tank)

About the Isolate Bait System

  • Easy & Efficient for Smaller Jobs
  • Quick & Easy Peel-Off Seal
  • One Integrated Tank-Tray Unit
  • Compact & Convenient Size (8 fl. oz.)

For an initial deployment order the starter kit or starter kit with weighted block including a ContraPest bait station.

ContraPest® Is Rat Birth Control™

ContraPest is a reproductive inhibitor for rats and a highly palatable liquid contraceptive. By restricting fertility in both Norway and roof rats, it leads to a significant decrease in the number of rats on site. ContraPest extends the existing efforts of your integrated pest management (IPM) program for results you can count on.

without fertility control, it only takes two rats to initiate a rebound, growing the population back to its original size or larger within a matter of months.

ContraPest is not intended for consumer use. For best results ContraPest should be changed out monthly, ensuring continuous product supply. If tanks are empty prior to the end of the month, deploy additional bait stations or place two tanks per bait station.